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Construction of a modern hospital in Mykolaiv region financed by the German government

Modular hospital in Berezanka in Mykolaiv region is the third of six hospitals to be opened by the end of this year. Implementation of activities is carried out by GIZ Ukraine as part of the project “EU4ResilientRegions – Special Assistance Programme Ukraine” funded by the German government. 

This hospital is equipped with modern medical and laboratory equipment. Wide range of medical equipment is being supplied, including equipment for functional diagnostics (ECG, EEG, ultrasound devices, etc.), laboratory tests, therapy, ENT, ophthalmology, gynaecology, surgery, manipulations and consultations, physiotherapy, etc.

“This modular hospital is equipped not only with medical equipment for providing primary and non-urgent specialized assistance. It is also capable of providing some highly specialized medical services, which was previously only possible in Mykolaiv or Odesa,” says Georg-Sebastian Holzer, director of the GIZ Ukraine Resilient Society cluster. “The project to build six hospitals will significantly expand the capabilities of existing institutions to increase the capacity of communities in providing medical services to the residents of nearby cities and villages, as well as displaced persons.”

Moreover, all the facilities will be furnished with modern furniture, including medical furniture and IT equipment like laptops, computers, TV sets, printers, household appliances, sanitary equipment, etc. It is also planned to train hospital staff in using this equipment, both online and during practical sessions on-site.

In order to ensure hospitals being self-sufficient, a stand-alone solar power station with a capacity of 70 kW has been installed. This system is designed to ensure uninterrupted operation of all the existing medical equipment in the installed modules (excluding heating). Solar panels are installed on modular containers, on the roofs of existing institutions, and on land plots near the modular hospital.

Solar station also includes modern backup batteries with a capacity of 52 kW for storing power, installed in modular hospitals, hybrid and grid inverters, as well as software for the stations to operate online.

For emergency power supply, a modern diesel generator with a capacity of 160 kW, along with backup fuel, has also been installed in the hospital. Space outside is fitted with the needed equipment, access to the hospital for people with disabilities has also been provided. All the facilities, along with generators, are protected by HESCO barriers to shield the hospital from debris during possible shelling.


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